IF/AF is supported by an advisory board, aptly named “Board of Dreamers,” which provides counsel, expertise, insight, strategic thinking, innovative ideas and networking to the Institute. The Board also participates in efforts to raise the Institute’s visibility and resource base.  The “Board of Dreamers” is comprised of prominent global leaders across business, industry, civil society, government and academia with an African affinity who will contribute and provide diverse, cross-sectorial advice to IF/AF and helps to set its agenda.


The IF/AF Fellowship is a program aimed to showcase the next generation of African scholars, scientists, geeks, storytellers, and artists and provide them with transformational support to collaborate across disciplines to imagine and shape the future of the continent. The fellows participate in professional coaching and mentoring and work with experts dedicated to sharing their latest projects with the world. The fellows will serve as the global IF/AF ambassadors spreading the importance of future thinking in Africa.